And the first Astro Support Team champion is…

Last week, Beth Healey emerged victorious as winner of the Training Zone. Beth will go on to take part in the final live chat with Tim Peake, and the winners from the Launch, Orbit, and Touchdown Zones, next summer.

Here’s what Beth had to say to the students in the Training Zone after they voted her the winner:

Hello from Antarctica!

I hope you all enjoyed I’m an Astronaut, Get me out of here as much as I did! Your questions were great and I think I learnt just as much as you did by answering them! I think we have certainly set the standard high for future zones to come!

I think the rest of my crew wondered where I had disappeared to for the past fortnight as I was glued to the computer screen. The live chats were my favourite part and I don’t think I’ve ever typed so quickly!

I hope that this experience has promoted interest in and raised awareness of the opportunities available to become involved in spaceflight industry and research in the future.

Thanks again to the organisers of the event, who made this possible and of course a huge congratulations to all those who participated and made it such a pleasure to be involved in!


If you’d like to take part in the Launch, Orbit, or Touchdown Zones, find out more information at:

Teachers can apply to take part at:

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