Privacy policy sounds dull and TBH is dull, but what website is complete without one? So here is the I’m an Astronaut privacy policy that tells you what information we collect about you and what we do with it.

What information do we collect about you and why?

Depending on how you’ve registered, the process of what we ask of you will differ. If you use the registration form; you will need to put your real name, your school, and your email address. Each student on the site gets to ask questions, take part in live chats and vote. The username is so when you ask a question or take part in a live chat – we know who is asking. We need your email address so that we can tell you when your questions have been answered and to tell you who has been voted off. And we need your real name and school so if you win the student prize we can send them to you.

If you are a prize winner we will need to share your name with the school. If you object to this please email

Sometimes we will also be required to share your name and email with your teacher. This will happen if you break any of the House Rules, or as mentioned above, we want to send you a prize.

Another way you can register is if your teacher gives you an access card with a username and password on it – this will allow you to login immediately and change your profile. We still ask you for your real name and email address, so we can send you a prize or easily get hold of you. However, you’ll notice that on the bottom of the cards there is a number – this means we can still work out which teacher you have and which class you came from.

And in some cases we use Social Media login, which means your account is linked to either your Facebook, Twitter or Google account; it will automatically send emails to the address connected to that account.

During the event our computers put a session cookie on your computer. If you block this cookie the site can’t work, so please don’t do that. A session cookie is a small file that identifies who you are. It allows you to vote once, to ask questions and take part in live chat showing the screen name you choose (we will never put your real name on the site). After you log off the cookie is removed from your computer.

As you use the site we do record some information that could be traced to you. We record how you vote so we can check the evictions are done fairly if necessary. This information NEVER gets released though.

We also record what questions you ask and what you say in Live Chat. We do this so the Astro Support Team know who they are talking to at least they know your username. We also record when you log-in and where you log-in from (your IP address). We log the IP address so that if someone registers on the site claiming to be someone else then we can see where they are logging on from. It also helps us track any technical issues.

That sounds like a lot but it doesn’t get given away and nobody will be able to trace it to you.

How do we use the information?

Your real name NEVER gets used without your permission EXCEPT if you break our house rules severely and we need to contact your teacher. Anything you put on the site is just linked to the username you chose.

Your email address is only used to contact you about the event, to let you know your questions has been answered, to let you know who has been evicted and to ask you for feedback about the event. Whenever we email you there will be an Unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email.

We certainly do NOT share your contact details with anyone else. No companies, no sponsors.

Astro Support Team: The same goes for the Astro Support Team except that we email you about the event for the following year and other events that we feel you may be interested in. Your email will only be shared with the sponsor and you can always unsubscribe. The only time we use your phone number is if there is a problem, we will NOT be used after the event has finished.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy please email